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EI Advisory offers B2B media intelligence services to global organisations, giving independent analysis and insight to clients, based on primary research and years of expertise in media markets. EI has clients both in the UK and overseas, and specialises in, but is not limited to, financial services, professional services and tech firms. No matter the industry, EI always works to identify the best opportunities for B2B marketers to achieve their goals, be it thought leadership, brand awareness or lead generation.

Since its inception in 2007, EI has built extensive research capabilities across a number of media markets. Using its database of over 7500 suppliers across the globe, EI tracks activities including events, broad business media, trade media, associations and business schools within a particular media space, and identifies the leading opportunities for its clients within these. In addition to media selection, EI advises senior marketers on how to best use these media platforms to engage with targeted business audiences in a meaningful way. In doing so, EI helps clients achieve their goals, by creating an integrated, year-round marketing campaign.

In addition to its research and reporting, EI Advisory also offers negotiation services, sponsorship activation and programme management. Ultimately, EI works to help clients execute more effective sponsored content campaigns across media channels, providing them with the best opportunities to reach and engage with their audience in a meaningful way. 


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