One of the things that makes us unique is our approach to developing a deep rooted understanding of B2B audiences, the kind of content they like and where they go to find it. In the main our clients know who their audience is, the challenge is how to reach them and how to engage them, meaningfully. We take a left brain/ right brain approach by combining extensive quantitative data mining to assess all opportunities with qualitative interpretation to refine those down to a recommended few.

In order to do this as efficiently as possible, we have spent the past 7 years developing our proprietary global opportunity mapping system, Mercury™. This system tracks over 7500 trade and broad business media, conference companies, websites, industry associations, business schools, government bodies, think tanks, academic institutions and trade associations globally. This includes international as well nationally focused providers and covers cross industry audiences as well as those that are vertically market specific.

The only global database of its kind, the system provides EI Advisory and our research team with a truly unique competitive advantage, providing fast and comprehensive due diligence in scanning the market for key providers and activities in any given B2B media or events space. It forms the foundation work for every project we run for clients and means we can analyse and audit hundreds of live media opportunities, and in turn generate a full report and the ‘Top 10′ recommendations within 2 to 4 weeks.

We have developed a successful approach that starts with a full opportunity tracking, using Mercury™, and finishes with campaign negotiation, and in some instances activation and management. We work flexibly within these parameters as best suits the client and the brief, and as we are independent, you are guaranteed impartial opinion. The stages we generally work in are outlined below:

  • Stage 1: Landscape mapping using Mercury™ (quantitative)

  • Stage 2: Insight mining (qualitative)

  • Stage 3: Partner filtering (qual and quant)

  • Stage 4: Engagement planning recommendation

  • Stage 5: Negotiation and activation

We align our Media Analysts with the categories and sectors they have most experience in so they can apply past learnings and insight, to make sure our clients get an expert opinion, not just information, at every stage of the reporting process.

Our markets

We pride ourselves on both the depth and breadth of our market coverage across verticals, disciplines and territories.

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