It is very important to us that we know we can add tangible value to projects that we work on with clients. To ensure we are able to deliver against the business objectives, we have a frank up-front conversation to assess viability before initiating any reporting and work closely with our clients to develop our brief, often becoming an extension of their marketing team as we go through the process from reporting to recommendation and ultimately, negotiation.

Whilst every client is different, there are some commonalities. We work a lot with large, global companies who have a broad waterfront and invest a lot in B2B marketing, typically servicing multiple markets internationally, with a lean marketing resource, spread thin!

They therefore have a high volume of marketing initiatives and little time to manage them. EI Advisory play a key role in helping to simplify and rationalise what is by nature complicated as there are multiple markets, multiple offerings and multiple audiences that need to be considered.

We work closely with senior marketers to appreciate the business dynamic and challenge and develop long-term relationships. Longevity of relationship means that not only do we provide an external context to their marketing challenges, but we can quickly grasp their specific needs.

In a typical year,  EI will produce in excess of 250 reports and negotiate 250+ media sponsorships for our client base.