Having worked together at the Financial Times for many years, Mike, Sue and Tony set up EI Advisory in 2007, realizing the opportunity to provide clients with unbiased and comprehensive B2B market intelligence. The company quickly expanded both in terms of offering - broadening beyond events to include all B2B reach - and engagement opportunities.

In just 10 years, we've expanded to a team of 21. Mike, Sue and Tony are still very hands on, and the firm now includes our Director of Media Intelligence, our Marketing and Operations Manager, 11 Media Analysts and 5 Client Relations Consultants.

We pride ourselves on the tangible contribution every member of our team makes to our clients' business. We therefore focus on recruiting people who share our passion for uncovering the less than obvious and who have relevant experience - be it production, editorial or commercial - so they can provide a unique insight when assessing, evaluating and providing detailed recommendations.